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Click here to buy The Complete Book of Herbs
With more than 340,000 copies sold in hardcover, this essential, full-color resource is now available in paperback. Revealing the enormous potential of herbs, this sourcebook includes information on planting, growing, and harvesting herbs, as well as the main uses of herbs. It also offers an exhaustive identification guide, recipes, ideas for gifts, and much more.

Click here to buy 101 Medicinal Herbs : An Illustrated Guide
Color photographs of 101 herbs provide a visual reference to identify the most frequently used herbs for health and healing.Arranged alphabetically,the listings include detailed information on herb forms, benefits, side effects and dosages. An index and resource guide are included, as well as cross-referncing section with information about easy to find remedies for various ailments.

Click here to buy The All in One Guide to Herbs, Vitamins & Minerals
The Quick and Easy Reference for everything you need to know.

Click here to buy American Indian Healing Arts : Herbs, Rituals, and Remedies for Every Season of Life
Throughout their history, the American Indians have healed with rituals using herbs, fungi, and other natural materials. They have valued as sacred the spiritual side of life and their connection to the earth. Their medicine has always been holistic, treating the body and spirit as one and illness as a sign of imbalance. Now we can benefit from American Indian wisdom with American Indian Healing Arts: Herbs, Rituals, and Remedies for Every Season of Life. This book is organized by the stages of life, presenting different tribal perspectives on the significance of each, with ceremonies and healing rituals (songs, prayers, botanicals). The book includes more than 60 recipes for treating health problems and other needs, from "cramp bark tea" to "marigold-calendula deodorant cream." There are also directions for making tonics, ointments, tooth powders, and digestive remedies, and illustrations consisting of leaf-rubbings of 80 plants. Besides learning to use American Indian remedies, you learn fascinating facts about their ceremonies. The Navajo celebrate not only birth, but the infant's first smile and first laugh, for example. An Apache girl celebrates first menstruation by running and dancing for four days (guided and massaged by an elder woman). If you're interested in alternative healing, or intrigued by American Indian culture, this book will add to your knowledge.

Click here to buy Asian Health Secrets : The Complete Guide to Asian Herbal Medicine
Asian Way of Wellness is the first interactive guide to herbal medicine, presenting breakthrough guidelines for self-diagnoses that help readers understand how to evaluate their personal health needs and use readily available herbs to treat common maladies, boost the immune system, prevent illness, maintain wellness, and ensure longevity.

The author is a herbalist and accupuncturist. Complete with diagnostic techniques and recommended dosages, Asian Health Sources is the definitive resource and treatment bible for using herbs at home in order to maintain total health every day. A resource section provides phone numbers and addresses for recommended herbal practitioners, distributors, and sources across the country. 60 illustrations.

Click here to buy The Complete Illustrated Holistic Herbal : A Safe and Practical Guide to Making and Using Herbal Remedies
This new full-color edition of Hoffmann's highly acclaimed herbal is an A-Z compendium of more than 200 herbs. In it, Hoffmann provides extensive information about the uses, actions, dosages, and cautions for each herb, as well as instructions for gathering and preparing herbal remedies. Full-color throughout.

Herbal medicine is enjoying a much deserved revival with more and more people turning to its safe, natural remedies which are free from harmful side-effects. The most comprehensive and authoritative guide available, this herbal offers clear, step-by-step advice on the use of herbal medicine for the safe treatment of a wide range of complaints. Its unique holistic approach enables you to restore and maintain wellbeing by treating the body as a whole. Beautifully illustrated with over three hundred full-color pictures, it covers treatment of a wide range of complaints and diseases, gathering herbs and preparing remedies, A-Z herbal featuring more than 200 herbs, and Clear explanations of the body's systems.

Click here to buy The American Pharmaceutical Association Practical Guide to Natural Medicines
With an endorsement from Dr. Andrew Weil, you know this book is going to be good. And it's about time that an authoritative book like this was written; it'll come in handy for consumers who are bewildered by the lack of labeling on the hundreds of supplements available, as well as doctors and pharmacists, who likely learned nothing about these remedies in school.
The American Pharmaceutical Association (AphA) has listed more than 200 herbs--and some supplements, like DHEA, zinc, and Coenzyme Q10--alphabetically. Many herbs are illustrated.
Each listing includes the following:

  • scientific and other common names (including those used in traditional Chinese medicine),

  • what part of the plant is used,

  • what ailment or ailments it's recommended for,

  • the forms in which it is available,

  • the dosages commonly used,

  • and solid discussions of effectiveness and safety based on scientific study.

The AphA also rates each herb on a 1-5 scale, with 1 being given to herbs that have been judged the most safe and effective over the years. It also cites both book and journal sources, so you know exactly where to research further if you're interested in learning even more about a particular herb.
Dr. Weil points out that while the majority of prescription drugs were derived from botanicals, the lack of standardization in the U.S. supplement industry poses a hazard. For example, extract of feverfew has been shown to be effective in treating migraine in England, but the feverfew on the U.S. market may or may not be English feverfew, and therefore may or may not be as effective. The essential "Do's and Don'ts for Wise Consumers" gives tips on choosing the best brand of herbs, and the quick indices (one listed by symptoms and the herbs recommended for treatment, and one listing the herbs and the ailments they're used for) make it easy to familiarize yourself with the many herbs available. Highly recommended.

Click here to buy The Complete Illustrated Holistic Herbal : A Safe and Practical Guide to Making and Using Herbal Remedies
The Definitive Guide is known as the Bible of alternative medicine. You may very well want to use a dictionary stand for this hefty tome; it weighs in at more than 1,000 pages. Nearly 400 doctors (M.D.s, Ph.D.s, naturopaths, Doctors of Oriental Medicine, and osteopaths) contribute their cutting-edge knowledge, and the list of names is impressive. You'll find words of advice from Joseph Pizzorno, the president of Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington; C. Norman Shealy, the cofounder of the American Holistic Medical Association; Nobel laureate Linus Pauling; Deepak Chopra; and Joan Borysenko, author and director of the Mind-Body Health Sciences in Boulder, Colorado.

After an intriguing, optimistic look at "The Future of Medicine," the book is divided into two sections. The first profiles 43 alternative therapies--acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, qigong, hyperthermia, and yoga among them--including their development, how they work, proven uses, and controversial or yet-to-be-proven uses, along with contact information for organizations. The second section covers 105 topics such as headaches, mental health, and allergies, along with the alternative therapies that are most likely to help alleviate pain and encourage healing. This guide is easy enough to understand to make it perfect for home reference, while it would also make a fine resource for health care providers interesting in learning more about alternative medicine.

Click here to buy Asian Health Secrets : The Complete Guide to Asian Herbal Medicine
Popular radio garden expert Laurence Sombke tells how to grow, harvest, and use the best herbs. He includes favorite herb recipes and the secrets of preserving the fresh flavor of home-grown herbs. Also included are 20 herb garden designs, such as The Potpourri Garden, The Kitchen Herb Garden, or The Herb Tea Garden. 115 color photos. 85 illus.

Beautiful Easy Herbs puts choosing, using, and growing dozens of versatile herbs within every gardener's reach! You'll find all the herb-growing secrets you need in Chapter 1, Herb Gardening Basics. Turn to Chapter 2, Fifty Herb Biographies, and you'll find a description and color photo of each herb, with plenty of how-to tips on growing and using them. Once your herbs are up and growing, turn to Chapter 3, Harvesting and Preserving Herbs, to learn how to keep your herbs' garden-fresh flavor. Turn to Chapter 4, Cooking with Herbs, to find 50 of the most mouthwatering recipes you've ever tried. These easy, flavorful recipes run the gamut from soups and salads through meat and vegetables to pastas, breads, and desserts. In Chapter 5, Ten Great Herb Garden Designs, you'll discover delightful herb gardens designed especially for this book. Special features such as how to match a path to your garden's style; how to make a knot garden; how to choose a sundial, birdbath, or sculpture for your garden; how to set up a garden fence; and hot to read the Victorian "language of flowers".

Click here to buy Encyclopedia of Herbs and their uses
The most authoritative reference book available describes and pictures a thousand herbs found both in the wild and in cultivation, along with tips on growing and harvesting, creating a herb garden, and using herbs in cooking and medicine.
This most authoritative work on the subject of herbs contains more than 1,500 color photos of herbs found both in the wild and in cultivation, accompanied by a description of each herb and tips on growing and harvesting. Bown also includes practical advice on planning and cultivating an herb garden and the various uses of herbs in cooking and medicine.
Click here to buy the way of HERBS
Fully updated with the latest developments in herbal science, this book provides an essential guide to gaining and maintaining good health through a holistic approach.
This is the best book on herbalism I have ever seen. It is for the novice as well as advanced practictioners. The author classifies most if not all herbs under various healing properties such as blood cleansers, germ killers, etc. This is very helpful. He also gives a balanced diet one should follow to maintain excellent health. The book is logical, well written and in depth. A masterpiece.
Click here to buy The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies
A fantastic reference book for anyone making an initial investigation of any health issue. Well laid out with an excellent index. Comprehensive coverage of many health issues yet condensed and easy to read. The first health book any-one should buy. It even makes a great present.

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